MPhil Curriculum

MPhil in Management is an intensive two year full time study program stretched over six terms of 14 weeks each.   Students are required to take a minimum of 36 credit hours courses that include core courses, concentrations, and electives along with a research thesis. They may take few more additional courses of their interests.

The program consists of core courses of 16 credits, specialization courses of 10 credits, elective course of 2 credit and a research thesis of 8 credits as outlined below:

Core Courses (16 Credits):
Statistics for Research I [2]
Statistics for Research II [2]
Advanced Research Methodology [4]
Advanced Managerial Economics [3]
Econometrics [2]
Qualitative Research Methods [3]

Concentrations (10 Credits):

Students may concentrate in one of the following fields:

  1. General Management
  2. Finance
  3. Marketing

Concentration area consists of a total of 10 credit hours – two 3 credit courses and one 4 credit research seminar. The courses offered in each of the concentration areas are given below.

A. General Management:

Leadership Theory and Issues [3]
Organizational Development and Change [3]
Organization Theory [3]
Organization and People [3]
Human Resources Strategies [3]
Advanced Topics in Management and Human Resources [3]
Research Seminar in Management and Human Resources [4]
Directed Reading [3]

B. Finance:

Mathematical Methods in Finance [3]
Advanced Finance Theory [3]
Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management [3]
Advanced International Finance [3]
Financial Derivatives [3]
Fixed Income Analysis [3]
Advanced Topics in Finance [3]
Research Seminar in Finance [4]
Directed Reading [3]
C. Marketing

Advanced Consumer Behavior [3]
Strategic Marketing [3]
International Marketing [3]
Research Seminar in Marketing [4]
Directed Readings [3]


Electives (2 credits):

Students will choose one of the following courses as their elective.

Business Policy and Environment [2]
Business Economics in a Global Economy [2]
Negotiation [2]
Advanced Econometrics [2]
Systems Thinking and Modeling for Management [2]
Operations Research [2]
Knowledge Management [2]
Case Methods in Research [2]
International Business [2]
Energy Economics [2]
Environmental Economics [2]
Business Analysis [2]

Research Thesis (8 credits):

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