BBA Curriculum

Program Structure

  • Foundation courses aimed at developing analytical skills and contextual understanding of business (17 courses equivalent to 41 credits)
  • Management core courses focused on functional domains of and decisional supports for management (21 courses equivalent to 57 credits)
  • Emphasis courses that allow for the development of specialized functional or sectoral management competency directly related to career path or (six courses equivalent to 18 credits for BBA Emphasis and eight courses equivalent to 22 credits for BBA Hons)
  • Elective courses for broadening knowledge base according to the choice of the student (four courses equivalent to 12 credits for BBA Emphasis and five courses equivalent to 14 credits for BBA Hons)
  • Experiential and research projects aimed at developing hands-on experience of and getting real-life exposure to business reality and community life as well as understanding, analyzing and inferring on a business problem (two courses equivalent to    four credits for BBA Emphasis and three courses equivalent to eight credits for BBA Hons)

The total credit loads for BBA (Hons) are 142 and for BBA (Emphasis) 132 to be completed within minimum four years to maximum seven years.

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