Inter College "Futures Trading" Competition

January 13, 2023

The finance club of the school has successfully completed all three phases of the Inter college Futures

Trading Competition and announced the winners on 6 th January in the Main conference hall of KUSOM.

Phass-1: Orientation

Phase-2: Training

Phase-3: Competition

The objective of conducting such event was to give taste of how the Futures market operates and to

literate the graduate and undergraduate students of Nepal about one of the biggest markets of the


The school would like to thank the KUSOM Finance club team for organizing such a great event, we

would like to congratulate all the winners and participating teams from 18 different colleges from all

around Nepal.

The school also like to thank the sponsors and supporters of this event (Set Your Trade Consultant Pvt.

Ltd. and FATAN, Fundamentals and Technical Analysis of NEPSE).