Talk KUSOM is an interactive knowledge sharing platform initiated by Kathmandu University School of Management (KUSOM). The purpose behind the initiation of this program is to bring all the stakeholders of KUSOM, i.e. the industry, business and corporate partners, faculties, alumni and students to interact with each other. The program will be conducted in a seminar format where the invited keynote speaker/s will present their practical, theoretical or relevant knowledge which shall be relevant to the current Nepali scenario. We believe that Talk KUSOM will help in generating, disseminating and sharing knowledge.


Organized on 30th August 2013 its first talk session on the theme Merger and Acquisition in Nepali Banking and Financial Institutions in which Governor of the Central Bank Dr. Yuba Raj Khatiwada presented policy and regulatory perspective on the issue while CEO of NIC Asia Bank Mr Sashin Joshi shared his experience of successfully executing the merger of NIC  Bank and Bank of Asia and the management
issues arising out of it.


Present on the occasion were executives of banks as well as faculty and students of the School who actively participated in the interactions that followed the presentations of the key note speakers.