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KUSOM emphasizes more on learning by students themselves rather than on teaching them.  It uses the teaching methods that encourage students’ active participation and involvement.  Apart from class lectures, regular case study, take away and class room assignments, project works, term paper, presentation, tutorials, and students led seminars will be used for the delivery of the courses.

Throughout the program, students are motivated to define and analyze the problems or issues, evaluate options, and make decision.  

Credit Transfer

Credits earned in DipM will be transferred to PGDM if students successfully completing DipM enrol into PGDM.  Credits earned in PGDM may be transferred to EMBA.  

Academic Calendar

The annual cycle of PGDM program is as follows: Summer Term; Fall Term; and Spring Term. The duration of each term will be of 14 weeks. The calendar and the credit hour allocation are as follows:

Summer Term: June—September 10 credit hours
Fall Term: October—January 10 credit hours
Spring Term:  February—May 8 credit hours

However, KUSOM will offer DipM in summer, fall and spring term as deemed necessary.