PhD Admission

Enrolment and Registration

a. Enrolment for the PhD Program shall be on biannual basis either for the Fall semester (August) or the Spring semester (February).

b. The selected candidates will be registered in the PhD Program as full time research students after fulfilling all other registration requirements of the University.

c.  Registration of candidates initially will be temporary. Only after successful completion of study and defense of the thesis proposal by a candidate, he/ she will be permanently registered by the Research Committee on the recommendation of the main advisor.  

d. Admitted candidate may be asked to study courses offered in MPhil in Management Program if the Research Committee finds that the candidate’s knowledge in research and management related  courses is not sufficient. Candidates admitted with two masters’  degrees are required to do research related courses from MPhil  program as per the recommendation of the Research Committee.

Application form Deadline: June-15-2021

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