MBE Admission Requirements


Admission Requirements:

The programmeme is open to Nepali and Non-Nepali nationals who have:

o Successfully completed minimum bachelor degree in economics/business/ science/engineering or equivalent from KU recognized universities.

o   Good aptitude in quantitative areas (mathematics/statistics) needed.

o   CGPA: 2.0 out of 4.0 in Undergraduate.

Admission process starts in December every year for the Spring Semester as 1st semester in the programmeme. Under the discretion of the Dean, the School can alter the admission process and calendar to start it from Fall Semester if the admission process in December is not feasible. Selection of a candidate is made using process adopted for MBA degree - which involves selection in KUMAT exam first, followed by an analytical writing test and interview. The selection process can be modified as deemed necessary by the Admission and Examination Committee of the School


d) Methodology:

The programmeme has a fine balance across three disciplines. It will offer theoretical as well as practical knowledge in respective areas to enable students to develop professional competencies as discussed in Programmeme Structure above. Practical applications are emphasized with case based analysis, problem solving exercises, group discussions, seminars, classroom presentations and writing of research papers. Each taught course requires 80% compulsory attendance and fulfillment of all evaluation requirements.

e) Academic Calendar:

Spring: February- June

Fall: August- December