Faculty Publication

                                         Title                                        Year Author Journal/Published Volume Issue
Accreditation for Institutional Learning and Growth of Business Schools: Perspectives from Nepal 2015 Prof. Subas K.C South Asian Conference    

Building Quality in Management Education through  Institutional Development: Perspective from Nepal

2014 Prof. Subas K.C
South Asian Conference

Interactive Effects of Public Service Motivation and Organizational Politics on Nepali Civil Service Employees’ Organizational Commitment 2015 Asst. Prof. Arjun Shrestha and Ajay Mishra

Business Perspectives and Research

Volumen-III Issue-I
Capital Investment Efficiency and Stock Performance: Evidence from Commercial Banks of Nepal 2015 Santosh Koirala and Shiba Sapkota

Volume-VIII Issue-I
Self, Follower, Organization and the Context – A Cross Cultural View of Authentic Leadership 2015 Prof. Binod Krishna Shrestha(co-authored)

South Asian Journal of Global Business Research

Volume-IV Issue-I
College Culture and Student Satisfaction 2014 Raju Uprety & Sabina Baniya Chhetri Journal of Education and Research (JER) Volume-IV Issue-I
A Diagnosis of the Determinants of Dividend Pay-Out Policy in India: A Factor Analytical Approach 2014 Pawan Kumar Jha(Co-Author) Business Science Refrence