PhD Curriculum

PhD in Management is a full time research degree program stretched over a minimum of three years period.  Candidates who have completed MPhil or MS by Research in Management are required to take a minimum of 10 credit-hour courses in the first three terms of the program, each of 14 weeks duration.  Other eligible candidates will have to complete course works and additional prerequisite courses in maximum six terms (two years).  All course works and thesis defense should be successfully completed by a PhD candidate in minimum of three to maximum five years period. 

Course work (10 Credits):
a.    Special Topics in Quantitative Research Methods                 [3]
b.    Special Topics in Qualitative Research Methods                   [3]
c.    Advanced Research Seminar in Concentration Area              [4]

Research Thesis (50 credits) in the area of Concentration

Concentration Areas:
a.    General Management
b.    Finance
c.    Marketing

Research Thesis (50 credits):
After successful completion of all the requirements including the course works for PhD and qualifying examinations, a PhD candidate is required to work and complete his/her thesis work.

Prerequisites Course Works:

An admitted candidate having a Master degree other than research degree (MPhil or MS by Research) in Management is required to undertake additional courses as prerequisites from the School's MBA/ EMBA and MPhil programs. This is done to prepare candidates adequately for a smooth induction into PhD courses and to strengthen their research capability in intended research area. The number and type of pre-requisites courses for such candidate shall not be less than 12 credit hours and will be as determined by the Research Committee.

The PhD program should be completed in minimum three to maximum five years.

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