Fee Structure

Undergraduate  Fee Structure


Total Individual Package



  • RS 10,000 is included as caution money that will be returned after completion of the program.
  • The amount is payable in 16 installments.
  • For students from SAARC countries, one and half times of the normal fee; for  students from other countries, double the normal fee.
  • These expenses do not include cost of books and stationary, accommodation, or any other personal expenses.
  • The fees charged by the School are subject to change without prior notification.
  • Refund of fees paid in case of formal withdrawal from program:
  • 70% refund in Total Admission Fee and 50% refund in Deposite Money within 15 days
  • No refund in Admission Fee and 50% refund in Deposite Money after 15 days
  • KU provides financial aid equivalent to 7% of total number of students. 
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