The BBIS program is a four-year, 120 credit hours comprehensive bachelor degree program, designed by blending the domain knowledge of the information systems and information technology with that of business and management. Such integrated program has been offered to address the demands of rapidly changing information technology (IT) driven business environment.

The program aims to:

  • provide a better and broader perspective of the world, society, business, information systems, and life by combining the study of management, information systems and information technology with the study of social sciences and humanities
  • develop a habit of critical and creative thinking in students;
  • develop analytical and problem solving abilities in students;
  • improve communicative and presentation skills of students;
  • familiarize students with contemporary concepts, tools and techniques of management;
  • deepen the knowledge and sharpen the expertise of students in the functional area of information systems;
  • prepare students as sensible and responsive citizens with a high degree of professional, social and ethical values; and
  • prepare students for higher studies (Masters’ level programs) in the areas of management and information systems.

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