BHTM is a practice-oriented and industry- relevant study program of high disciplinary rigor that equips students with substantial grounding in professional knowledge and competencies in management and hospitality disciplines.   The main purpose of the program is to develop competent, committed, and competitive managers and entrepreneurs who will start and succeed in hospitality and tourism management career and manage this service business in a professional way while contributing to the development of the hospitality and tourism industry in Nepal and beyond.  Students pursuing this program will:

  • Build successful career and taking up managerial and entrepreneurial roles effectively in the industry both in Nepal and beyond;
  • Develop a high level of managerial knowledge  and professional competencies of the graduates to manage the hospitality and tourism related functions and enterprises professionally and successfully;
  • Enhance analytical and intellectual abilities, behavioral competencies, broader perspectives of social and professional issues, and socially responsive orientation and personality of the graduates for successful performance of managerial and entrepreneurial roles and for pursuing advanced management knowledge;  and
  • Develop capacity and promote professionalism in the practices of managing hospitality and tourism business in line with the international norms and standards.


Course Structure